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Southern Cross Station Yardmaster Building

Department of Transport Southern Cross Station Authority
McBride Charles Ryan

A remarkable building constructed in difficult conditions. The new Yardmaster building required precise planning and execution to overcome the complexities of working in the live environment of Victoria’s busy train infrastructure.  The Yardmaster’s Building at Southern Cross Station is a building that incorporates complex intricate detailing using new technology, composite materials and equipment allowing the end user complete control of the network it overlooks.

FIMMA project management were responsible for the overall detail co-ordination, construction, programming and supervision of all rail crossings and occupations of the yard. FIMMA worked closely with a significant number of stakeholders including Government Departments and Private Rail companies to ensure a successful outcome for all involved.

Founded on CFA piles over 14 metres deep, the 4-storey building stands tall above the busy railyard. The structural precast walls are of composite construction, incorporating a 50mm thick Styrofoam layer sandwiched between the structural element and the intricately detailed façade panels. This allows for greater thermal efficiency and more environmentally friendly heating and cooling impact.